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Customers from Hong Kong - Lalamove Free Shipping: Vase; Bluetooth speaker; Glass ball; LED Light

Return Policy

Refund policy
Please read before ordering. Please read this order notice carefully before ordering flowers. Once you make a successful order, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Thank you.
• Our photos/displays are about presenting the beauty and reference of flowers. Our flowers are all handmade, and the finished product may have a slight deviation from the photo.
• All of our floral arrangements require pre-order unless stated as off-the-shelf. Please contact us first to confirm your reservation. After confirming the order, we will prepare the flowers immediately, and we may not be able to make arrangements for any changes.
• If the customer changes his mind and does not want to purchase the ordered product, the payment will not be refunded and cannot be transferred or exchanged.
• If the flower material/ribbon or other accessories are out of stock due to the supplier, we will make up with other materials.
• Preserved flowers/dried flowers are made of real flowers and then processed to become Preserved Flowers, which have the texture of fresh flowers and avoid collision or pressing of flowers to cause deformation of flowers.
• Since the flower materials we use contain natural dried flowers, small flying insects (moths) may be buried in the natural dried flowers. If you find small flying insects, please take the vase outside (corridor) and blow it away with an air pump. Whereas "bugs" are dry flower moths/beetles, they are not other pests.
• Silk flower bouquets are imitation flowers, and most of them are made of Juan cloth. There are more or less fabric marks and edges on the surface of the petals. This is normal. If you have any questions about the production of flowers, please be sure to contact Inquire from time to time, everything is subject to the time of delivery of the flowers. After confirming the receipt of the flowers, the customer is responsible for the maintenance of the silk flower products, and there will be no complaints after that. Perfectionists, please do not place an order.
• After receiving the flowers, please place them in the container we provide to avoid collision or pressing the flowers to cause deformation of the flowers.
• Customers must pick up the flowers within 30 days after the completion of the flowers (if in stock, within 30 days from the date of purchase), we are sorry that we cannot store the unpicked flowers for you indefinitely. Flower orders not picked up by Tin Hau will be treated as unilateral order by the customer, and the paid payment will not be refunded, and we will resell the flowers that have not been picked up to reduce the loss caused by the customer's uncollected order.

In case of any dispute, Meet Garden reserves the right of final decision.