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Customers from Hong Kong - Lalamove Free Shipping: Vase; Bluetooth speaker; Glass ball; LED Light

About flower material

All the flowers of MEET GARDEN are made of preserved and dried flowers imported from Japan, which will not wither without watering. Preserved flowers are made of real flowers, and then processed for freshness to become PRESERVED FLOWER. It has the texture of a fresh flower, yet is timeless. Stored in a cool place, it can last for more than two years. If stored properly, it will last longer.

How to maintain preserved flowers/preserved flowers and dried flowers

•Do not water or frequently touch with hands.
•Do not place it outdoors or by windows to avoid direct sunlight. (will cause the petals to fade)
• If there is dust on the flowers, please blow off the dust gently with a hair dryer with cold air.
• Avoid storing in damp places (too high humidity can cause the petals to turn transparent)
• Best storage environment: humidity 40%-70%, temperature 4°C-30°C
• Preserved roses can last for 3-5 years, even longer.
• Do not swallow by mistake.
• If staining occurs in contact with clothing, please wipe it gently with normal temperature water and soap.
• Do not let the flowers be directly blown by cold air or put in the refrigerator, which will cause the petals to dry and crack.